Say goodbye to reporting bottlenecks & an endless firehose of data requests

Whether your users are requesting custom reports, submitting tickets, or contacting your support team to find information, your team's resources are constantly being pulled in other directions, often in costly ways. Data Messenger gives users the power to get the answers they need, when they need them, without disrupting your workflow or adding tasks to your team's collective plate. Simplify the entire process. Your customers (and your team) will love you for it.

Amplify value & exceed your users' expectations

Your users can seamlessly conduct investigations into their data, test hypotheses, drill down to uncover important underlying details, explore trends and patterns, spot anomalies and check their assumptions with ease. From requests for simple information to iterative, in-depth investigations, Data Messenger makes the process of exploratory analysis and insight discovery more accessible and more efficient for everyone. 

Streamline your solution & supercharge user potential

Streamlining workflows within your application allows users to recognize and experience greater value from your solution. Your users are empowered to naturally and seamlessly engage with their data without flipping screens, running reports, or leaving your application. Whether they are creating sales orders, purchase orders, job tickets, or completing a similar task, having direct access to historical data means they can get the work done faster, more accurately, and with less hassle.