Ad Hoc Reporting

Your users have questions. Give them the power to get answers, seamlessly.

Exploratory Analytics

Empower your users to discover insights in an instant. No data experience required.

Streamlining Workflows

Your users get what they need, when they need it, without leaving your application.

AI as a Service, at your service

Employing a suite of proprietary technologies, AutoQL enables the dynamic translation of Natural Language to database query language. Users interact seamlessly with their data, simply by asking questions in their own words.

Are you and your data speaking the same language? The conversation starts here.

Gone are the days of losing users to spreadsheets and third-party BI tools. With AutoQL embedded in your application, your users become more productive, more engaged, and more loyal to your brand.

A new standard of excellence in conversational data experiences

Implementing cutting-edge conversational AI technology allows software providers to gain a competitive advantage in their market, drastically reduce incoming data requests, and deliver exceptional value to users.